Easter Holiday Madness: Don't be a bunny!

Article Matthew Williams 09 April 2020

Public holiday weekends can be very busy -  they are also a time when we traditionally see our police force stepping up their efforts to keep the community safe.

Some of the activities the police usually focus on over Easter (and other public holidays) include:

Drink Driving and RBTs

If you are planning to spend any time on the roads over a long weekend, you need to be aware of your alcohol intake when driving.  With double de-merit point campaigns in force over the public holiday weekends, and extra police patrolling our roads, it is only a matter of time until you are pulled over for a Random Breath Test (RBT).  If you do happen to blow over the legal limit and need assistance, contact our experienced traffic offence lawyer Matthew Williams, who has assisted many clients with DUI (driving under the influence) matters and can provide you with sound, practical advice relevant to your situation.

Drugs and Driving

Mobile Drug Testing (MDT) operates alongside RBT for alcohol and the police also have the power to test drivers they believe may be under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.  MDT is on the increase and this year there will be three times the number of tests conducted by Police on NSW roads.  If you or a friend are stopped by NSW Police for drug testing and need legal advice as a result, contact Matthew on ph: 02 8556 0130.

Liquor Licensing

If you have a liquor licence – either for a special event or if you are running a restaurant or café - you should note that during holiday periods we often see more inspections of premises and individual functions by the police or NSW Government liquor licensing inspectors.  If you would like advice regarding the conditions of your liquor license or how to ensure you remain compliant, speak to Matthew Williams who is experienced across all aspects of liquor licensing.

Similarly, if you are running a restaurant or café and considering applying for a liquor licence, Matthew will be able to advise you regarding the most appropriate license, the application process, compliance issues, and how it will ultimately impact on your business and your profitability.