How Can a Liquor Licence Benefit Your Business?

Article Matthew Williams 03 April 2020

If you are a café or restaurant owner, a Liquor Licence can have a positive effect on your business.

In New South Wales, Liquor Licensing legislation regulates the supply and sale of alcohol. Typical licences that can be applied for, or can be transferred, include the on premises licence for a restaurant, hotel or general bar; small bar licence; package Liquor Licence producer/wholesaler on premises, club; limited licence single function; limited licence multi-function; limited licence special event; on premises – vessel class. 

In addition to these licences, the government has recently increased its attention on the micro-brewery and small distillery Liquor Licence which will assist those businesses that produce beer, wine, cider and spirits on a small scale compared to a wholesaler or a producer. As you can see on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website, there are a multitude of different ways you can have a Liquor Licence attached to your business.

Any business in New South Wales that wishes to either sell or supply liquor to a community must apply to have a Liquor Licence attached to that premises or event.  Having the right type of licence can in turn make a huge difference to the profitability of an operation – both now and into the future.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of small bars that were previously only a café selling coffee and a few small meals.  Some of those businesses have profited markedly from having a Small Bar Licence attached to their business.  A Small Bar Licence allows you to have 120 people in your premises (according to DA) and allows you to have an extended licence hours authorisation, as well as the ability to serve alcohol without ancillary meal or other product.

Making an appointment to see an experienced Lawyer who is aware of liquor licencing legislation is vitally important for business owners to gain a better understanding of how their business could benefit from a Liquor Licence.  Matthew Williams from Colin Daley Quinn has advised and represented many businesses across New South Wales – hospitality, retail, registered clubs and small community clubs - regarding their licence applications, changes to their Liquor Licence conditions and also issues that have arisen when they have taken over a licenced premises. 

As a business owner, Matthew is able to guide you through not only the Licence application process, but also provide assistance with any issues that arise during the time that you have that Liquor Licence in your name.  Readily accessible and available to assist at any time including on site at your premises, call Matthew on ph 02 8556 0130 for the answers you need to your liquor licensing questions.