What makes a good divorce lawyer?

Article 28 August 2019

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Sutherland or the surrounding area? If you, or someone close to you, is experiencing a relationship breakdown you may be looking for a lawyer to provide advice and help you to navigate the process of finalising a separation.  Unfortunately, not all lawyers are experienced in the wide range of issues that can arise in a separation or divorce and choosing the right legal representation is important.

Experience counts

A good divorce lawyer should have experience across all aspects of separation.  This will include the process of filing for divorce, as well as negotiating a property settlement, determining the living arrangements and care of any children from the relationship, child support arrangements, superannuation splitting and minimizing the impact on a family business if required.

Choosing a lawyer that works predominantly in family law will ensure that they have seen a variety of issues and gained experience in each area.  They will have the expertise and knowledge necessary to quickly identify the key issues at stake and how best to resolve them.

Minimising Time and Cost

A good family lawyer will be able to provide clear, concise advice from the outset – minimising the time spent on your matter and therefore reducing the potential cost to you.  At CDQ, your divorce lawyer will discuss your individual situation in detail at the first consultation.  It is important for you to bring as much supporting documentation as possible with you to this meeting, such as bank accounts, statements, details of property ownership and so on. This will allow your lawyer to see the whole picture quickly, identify the key issues, and gauge the most appropriate path to take moving forward.  You will then receive a summary of the discussion, recommended actions and an estimate of what the process may cost if you choose to go ahead.

What Makes a Divorce Lawyer Really Good?

Appointing a lawyer to represent you in a divorce is a personal matter.  The final difference between a ‘regular’ divorce lawyer and a ‘really good’ divorce lawyer lies in their personal approach.  A good divorce lawyer will approach your case with sensitivity and empathy.  They will be prepared for any issues that may arise and how best to manage them, while at the same time trying to minimise ongoing stress and negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf. 

In most cases a good divorce lawyer will be able to resolve any issues or disputes between the parties without the need to attend Court.  If this is not possible, they will also be experienced in the litigation process, tenacious and determined to represent you successfully.

Most importantly, a good divorce lawyer will ensure you feel confident in their ability.

If you are looking for a good divorce lawyer in Sutherland or surrounding areas try calling CDQ on ph: 02 8556 0130.  Speak to our experienced family lawyer Maidei and see how she can help you.