Liquor Licensing

What you need to know about Liquor Licence NSW law and regulation

In New South Wales, Liquor Licensing legislation regulates the supply and sale of alcohol, which means that any business that wishes to sell or supply liquor to a community must apply to have a Liquor Licence. The laws surrounding the Liquor Act, Registered Clubs Act, and the associated Regulations for hotels, bottle shops, night clubs, restaurants, registered clubs, golf clubs, social clubs, surf clubs, school events, community fairs, event management services and music festivals can be complex and for that reason you need to retain the services of an experienced liquor licence lawyer. Colin Daley Quinn’s experienced team are here to assist.

There are a number of different liquor licences available through Liquor & Gaming NSW, from an on-premises licence for a restaurant, hotel or general bar through to a small bar licence or limited licence for special events. The type of licence a company applies for must cover all of the activities the business will be conducting, both now and into the future.  For example, a Small Bar Licence allows you to have 120 people in your premises (according to the DA) and allows you to have an extended licence hours authorisation, as well as the ability to serve alcohol without an ancillary meal or other product. Making an appointment to see an experienced liquor licence lawyer with a strong understanding of liquor licencing legislation is vitally important to gain a better understanding of how a business can improve profitability and in compliance with the law.

At Colin Daley Quinn our highly experienced liquor licence lawyer Matthew Williams, has extensive knowledge of liquor licence laws from spending many years with the regulatory authority, Liquor & Gaming NSW.  Matthew has advised and represented many businesses across New South Wales, including hotels and hospitality operators, retail outlets, registered clubs and small community clubs, in helping them to determine the type of liquor licences for their businesses. Matthew has the knowledge and expertise required to guide you, as a business owner, not only through the application process, but also on an ongoing basis.  Matthew regularly works with his clients at their premises to provide assistance in improving business operations, including developing staff policies, staff training and working with management.

How can we help you with your liquor licence NSW legal needs?

At CDQ we can help you with:

  • Identifying the most appropriate Liquor Licences for your business
  • Making a Licence application
  • Changes to Liquor Licence conditions for your business
  • Taking over a licenced premise or transfer of a licence
  • Advice on handling offences under Liquor Licensing legislation and other relevant legislation
  • Risk management for licensees
  • Development of staff policies and staff training

For more information on liquor licensing and related issues contact our experienced liquor licence lawyer, Matthew Williams at CDQ on 02 8556 0130.

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