Selling a property with a swimming pool or spa?

Article 21 September 2016

From 29 April 2015, all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool that are sold must have a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance. This means that pool owners will have to ensure swimming pool barrier compliance prior to the sale or lease of their property.

Swimming pools and spa pools' include in-ground, above ground, indoor, portable and other types of pools and spa pools that are capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more. Bathroom spas that are used as baths and emptied after use are not included.

The Swimming Pools Act 1992 and its regulations work together with Australian Standard 1926 (AS1926) to establish the safety standards for ‘backyard’ swimming pools. These documents have been updated a number of times and as a result, apply differently at different points in time.

The legislation can be found here:

Swimming Pools Act 1992

Swimming Pools Regulation 2008

For more information visit the Swimming Pool Register.