Maidei Kutsanzira

Maidei Kutsanzira is an experienced lawyer in the Family Law and Commercial Litigation teams at Colin Daley Quinn.  Originally from Zimbabwe, Maidei relocated to Western Australia in 2007, where she gained her legal qualifications.  Maidei moved to Sydney and joined a specialist family law firm in the eastern suburbs of Sydney prior to starting with CDQ in 2018.

Having focussed on family law for a number of years, Maidei has gained significant experience across a wide range of family law matters and has provided advice and representation to clients on issues such as separation and divorce, parenting arrangements, the division of assets and property settlements, superannuation splitting and financial agreements such as 'pre-nuptials'.

Maidei particularly enjoys being there for people who are going through emotional relationship and family breakdowns, and being able to listen to their concerns, as well assisting them in navigating a mutually beneficial outcome.  Despite being a skilled and experienced litigator, Maidei works hard to minimise the potential stress faced by a client and will always try to resolve a dispute through negotiation or mediation in the first instance, avoiding the need for potentially expensive court action wherever possible. 

In addition to helping Family Law clients, Maidei is able to apply her knowledge and expertise in the field of litigation and dispute resolution to the commercial arena, representing CDQ's commercial clients in Court and providing advice on their litigation matters.  This cross-over between commercial litigation and family law offers benefits in both fields as Maidei combines a strong understanding of business structures, family trusts and bankruptcy with a pragmatic, professional and empathetic approach that puts clients at ease immediately. 

Practice Strengths