How to prevent a separation from becoming too personal

Article 25 February 2020

How to prevent a separation from becoming too personal

Separation of relationships – married or de facto is very common in Australia.  Around 94,000 Australians are separated each year. The most common factor in most separations is the emotionally charged experience that can spiral out of control and become bitter, if managed poorly. 

Locals rely on Colin Daley Quinn as the best family lawyers Sutherland has to offer, because we are so effective in helping clients navigate what can be a painful process. 

The challenge with separation proceedings is that it is very hard to step back and look at the situation dispassionately. Property, children, and lifestyles are at stake, and for most people it is impossible to avoid taking it personally. 

This is why it is important to engage lawyers early in the process, and understand that they do have your best interests at heart. 

A separation is a negotiation process and each party should walk away with what they are legally entitled to. Your legal team will negotiate with your former spouse’s lawyer to reach a fair and equitable resolution. 

 It is important that you listen to the advice of your lawyers and allow them to guide negotiations. 

Minimising stress through the separation process rests on three principles:

1) That you trust your lawyers, and ideally, you know them. The reason that Colin Daley Quinn has developed a reputation for being the best family law lawyers Sutherland has to offer is that we are locals ourselves, and we love our community. Our warm, approachable team are here for you. 

2) You are going to need to accept that your lawyers will say things you are not always going to want to hear. They are going to be compromises as part of any property settlement, and you should be prepared for that going in.

3) Your lawyer should give you a fair expectation of the outcome early on, which will allow you to set your expectations to that level. For this reason, you need experienced family law professionals, such as the team at Colin Daley Quinn.

With the right team behind you, you can help to minimise the stress and rely on your lawyer to look after your best interests.  For more information on why Colin Daley Quinn are considered the family lawyers Sutherland Shire locals have come to trust, contact us on ph:02 8556 0130.