Retirement Living

Much has been written and reported about the ageing population in Australia and the need for more housing and services to accommodate older generations. Moving into a retirement village is a lifestyle choice that more and more senior Australians are making as it can provide improved personal safety and security, a greater sense of community and low maintenance living.  

If you are thinking about moving into a retirement village, our experienced team of solicitors can help to make the process as stress free as possible. Unfortunately, buying into a retirement village is often more complicated than a single dwelling home as there are usually strata issues, management fees and agreements, and various departure fees to consider as part of the deal.

At CDQ we can guide you through the process, ensuring you are fully aware of the details contained in a contract and their potential implications. We can:

  • Investigate your preferred village to ensure your operator has a good reputation.
  • Ensure your selected facility provides you with all documentation to help you in your decision.
  • Review your contract and explain everything in "plain English" so that you and your family understand both the purchase process and any ongoing fee structure.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of the contract on your behalf.
  • Make sure you understand where and how your fees will be spent during your time at the retirement village.
  • Provide legal advice about securing your refund upon departure.

In addition, we also have experience in representing residents after the purchase in the event of any disputes with retirement village operators and we can provide practical and pragmatic advice concerning your rights and obligations as a resident.

Contact the property team at CDQ for more information on retirement living options now on 02 8566 2400.

Estate Planning

Following any change in lifestyle or the purchase of property, it is always important to revisit your Will and ensure that it is up to date and accurately reflects your new situation.

The Wills and Estates team at CDQ can meet with you to discuss your Will and any changes that may be required to keep it current and legally valid. For more information on our estate planning services visit the Wills and Estates Law section of this website.