When might I need a good traffic offence lawyer in Sydney? Just how bad can things get?

Article Katrina Beltran 11 January 2023

NSW traffic law has several offences in which engaging the services of a traffic offence lawyer in Sydney (or anywhere else in the state) may not be worth your time and money. Minor speeding violations, driving without “P” plates on, or running a red light usually result in relatively small fines, and while the loss of points is a pain, if you have enough points left on your licence it won’t stop you from driving.

You can contest these infringements and have your day in court, however, unless the penalty is going to cause you significant complications (for example, it will cause you to lose work or affect your health), then, in most cases, it is simpler to pay the fine.

On the other hand, there are several more serious incidents for which you may require the services of a good traffic offence lawyer – whether you are innocent or guilty. Some of these incidents include:

  1. School zone offences which tend to attract far more severe penalties.
  2. Major speeding offences that incur large fines and lots of demerit points.
  3. Driving while under the influence, which can result in the immediate suspension of your licence.
  4. Failure to stop and give assistance in an accident that involves death or injury.
  5. Reckless driving in a manner that is considered dangerous, beyond the speeding and other traffic infringement.
  6. Negligent driving resulting in death or injury to another person.
  7. The accumulation of demerit points that has caused your licence to be suspended.

Additionally, any other offence that carries with it a legal conviction can cause long-term challenges in everything from facing prison time, finding employment to being able to travel overseas, and gaining a new driver’s licence.

In all of these cases you should immediately contact a traffic offence lawyer, because you are going to need their support throughout the legal process.

What should I consider before calling a lawyer?

There are two factors to consider when engaging a lawyer: first, ask yourself whether it will cost more to have a lawyer look at my case than it will to fight the charge? Being fined for exceeding the speed limit by under 10km/h is $124, and while you might want to challenge the penalty, the time spent talking to a lawyer and the fees incurred challenging the fine will be more than that.

However, a speeding violation of more than 45km/h over the speed limit has a maximum fine of $2,547 and 6 demerit points attached to it if you are driving a light vehicle.  In that case, if you believe that you have reason to defend yourself, a good lawyer can help to minimise or even eliminate the fine.

The second consideration when deciding to hire a lawyer is the impact of the penalty on your life. In the previous example of a fine of $124, it also comes with the cost of one demerit point (or four if you’re on a provisional or learner licence).  That might be the final infringement that means a suspension of your licence. If you need your vehicle to get to work, then your employment might be affected. In that case, you may want to discuss your options with a lawyer to see whether they can help prevent you from experiencing long-term duress.

And, of course, in any case that has the potential for a criminal conviction, a lawyer is necessary - regardless of the penalty.

Why you should call CDQ for any traffic violation

If you’re in any way unsure about whether a lawyer can assist you, contact the team at CDQ. As a leading traffic offence lawyer in Sydney, we have been able to assist clients with all kinds of traffic offences. In many cases, clients who believed they would have to pay the fine and accept the consequences have been surprised to learn that we have been able to save them money or reduce the penalty.

Certainly, if you are planning on challenging a violation, you will benefit from our expert advice, both in terms of preparing the defence, and on your day in court. We can assist with building the right strategy, compiling the evidence that you need to present your case, and following the necessary procedures in Court.

When it comes to traffic offences, don’t take the risk of going it alone. Contact a leading traffic offence lawyer in Sydney through CDQ, and let us help you.  Call us on ph: 02 8556 0130 for advice.