Mediation and Family Court Proceedings

In some family law matters, couples can find it particularly difficult to reach an agreement on certain issues.  When it becomes apparent that the parties are unable to resolve their dispute, there are a number of options available to them.  


Mediation is a confidential meeting or series of meetings, in which an independent, neutral third party (known as the Mediator) facilitates discussion between the parties involved with the aim of assisting them to negotiate and reach an agreement.  The Mediator helps people reach an agreement by identifying issues, exploring possible bases for agreement and weighing the consequences of not settling.

It is important to understand that the Mediator cannot impose their own decision upon the parties involved in the mediation and any agreements reached in mediation are not legally binding until the agreement is recorded as either a Consent Order, Financial Agreement or other binding legal document.

Our family lawyers at CDQ can help you to prepare for mediation, attend the meetings with you, and draft any relevant agreements after a successful mediation.

Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) is a mediation style process specifically designed to assist parties to resolve a family law dispute without the need to attend Court.  FDR can assist parties to identify areas of conflict and to reach a resolution in regards to property, parenting and child support matters.

The benefits of using mediation or Family Dispute Resolution include:

  • Your matter is resolved by you. This will result in better long-term solutions that are workable for both parties;
  • It is a less-expensive and more efficient process than going through the Court system; and 
  • FDR is conducted in an informal, confidential and non-judgmental environment that allows the parties to communicate freely.


Family Court Proceedings

At times it is not possible to reach an agreement on family law matters outside of the courtroom. 

If this is the case in your family law dispute, our experienced lawyers and litigators will represent your best interests in Court.  We are experienced in trials, interim matters, Conciliation Conferences and all stages of the Family Law process and will work hard to ensure a positive outcome for you, as cost effectively as possible.

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