Property and Financial Settlements

One of the most important issues facing couples who separate is how to divide their property and finances. Referred to as a property settlement, the split of assets can be the most difficult and emotionally draining aspect of a separation or divorce - even if the split was a joint decision. 

The main issues couples will face include: what to do with the family home; how to split any money held in bank accounts; and whether to split their superannuation. Some couples may also have additional assets such as investment property and share portfolios or even family businesses that should be included in the settlement process. In these cases, the commercial implications of splitting the assets will also come into play.

At CDQ, our team of experienced family lawyers can provide practical, pragmatic advice regarding the best way to move forward with a property settlement.  We understand the need to resolve issues fairly, equitably and as quickly as possible - particularly when there is a business involved - and we will make every effort to reduce the time taken to finalise matters and therefore the cost to our client.

The majority of couples do not want (or need) to go through the Court system in order to determine who gets what in a property or financial settlement and we can generally resolve any dispute over assets through mediation and negotiation.  At all times, we endeavour to reach an agreement that suits both parties and only needs ratification by the Court to be legally binding, as opposed to long, drawn out litigation and court appearances.

Most importantly, we will look after your best interests every step of the way.

For more information on how we can help you to achieve a fair and equitable property settlement after separation, contact our family law solicitors today on 02 8566 2400.